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On Parade

April 26-27, 2014 9:00-4:00$130.00
Butterfly Farm Studios, Friday Harbor, WA
Contact me through my website to sign up now for this hands on workshop!


“En Plein Air” Around the Islands

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A showing of new paintings of my year long painting “en plein air” around the Islands is coming up in March!  Mark your calendar for the Open Reception.

Friday, March 7, 7:00-8:30
Hosted By:  Lavendera Massage
Located at: 285 Spring Street
Friday Harbor, WA

Hope to see you there!Sailing the San Juans


Quincy, IL Workshop

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In my travels this fall, I taught a workshop in Quincy, IL.  It was a small but fun and talented group!    Keep the Pastel Dust flying girls!

We really do have way to much fun!

We really do have way to much fun!



The Reluctant “Plein Air” Painter

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The Reluctant “Plein air” Painter

 I have friends who “plein air” paint.   Indeed, I myself have, in the past, done a couple of paintings outside.  But, I didn’t like it!  I am a studio artist.  No thank you!  The cold, rain, wind, dirt!  Why would I subject myself to that?

So I stuck to my studio.  I dabbled in other mediums other than Pastel and other methods both with Pastel and acrylic, stretching myself, learning and growing.

But you don’t invite a friend into the studio and I really like people and wanted to mix with other artists.  Everywhere I turned “plein air” came up, it was rampant.  There were competitions, and stories in art magazines like the Pastel Journal, and American Artist.

Well that’s fine, but I’m a studio artist.

But, darn it, look how many competitions are out there for the “plein air” painter.

“Ok, ok, I’ll go out a couple of times to reconnect with my old friends,” says I.  And that’s exactly what I did in 2012, a “couple of times”.  My friends dashed off some beautiful complete paintings while mine went right in the round file!

Now my Irish dander was up!  Well, I’m not really Irish, but you know what I mean.  What is wrong with me!  I have been painting for 20 plus year, I can do this.  So- new goal for 2013-“plein air” painting.

I joined the Plein Air Painters of Washington and joined them on a yearlong painting of Washington State Parks for the Parks’ centennial celebration.  All that painting culminated in a show of Washington State Parks in all media at American Art Company in Tacoma WA.  I, unfortunately, did not get in the show, a great disappointment to me.  However; you should check it out. The show run through Dec. 31.  There are some fabulous “plein air” and studio paintings of the State Parks.

What I did accomplish is 28 “plein air” paintings and I was in two “plein air” shows!  Perhaps you came to see me at Crow Valley Pottery  on Orcas Island, WA, and/or at the Seaside Gallery in La Conner, WA.  If not, perhaps we need to communicate a little better.  They were both great shows!

More important was how my art grew.  It turns out that doing a painting in two to three hours (before the light changes) makes you simplify and paint only what is important to a good painting.  Who knew?  That translates into better paintings in the studio as well.

Does that mean I’m now a “plein air” painter?  Yes, and no.  Yes, “plein air” is definitely part of my art routine.  I will be out there again in 2014.  Then again, No.  I still consider myself a studio artist, because I like to go beyond what you see in front of you.

What about all those “plein air” paintings I did?  Watch for upcoming shows.  I can’t wait to show them to you!

To learn more about “plein air” painting, check out the Plein Air Magazine.


Sailing the San Juans-Lime Kiln State Park                                                               Sailing The San Juans        2013 “en plein air” painting



San Juan Island Library Workshop

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We had a great time in Friday Harbor, WA at my Beginning Pastel Workshop for All, hosted by the San Juan Island Library.  Here is a picture of the great group of students with their finale project. Almost all of the students were completely new to Pastel.  They all worked hard, and I think had fun while learning to work in this medium.  And, I must say, I had fun teaching them!

A grand finale for a great class

A grand finale for a great class


Something New from Cinda Sue

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 It’s almost that time again!  There are some fabulous artist in our Studio Tour this year.  I hope you all can come and make a week-end of it.  I am excited about some of my new work.  I have been heading in a new direction, doing “en plein air” painting.  It is definately a challenge, painting outside in the elements.  I have been painting around the islands and in Skagit Valley.  There will be several new pieces at my studio during the Studio Tour.
I am honored to  have two paintings hanging in the Northwest Pastel Society 27th Annual International Open Exhibit, at the American Art Company Gallery, 1126 Broadway Plaza, Tacoma, WA.  The show runs to June 18th. 

I’m still teaching a drop in Pastel class at Dakota Art, Mount Vernon, WA, every Tuesday, 1-4, through July.  For just $10.00 hour you can spend one, two, or three hours learning how to use this age old medium of Pastel.     postcard-4inx6in-h-front

Update from artist “missing in action”

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Every day I say, “today I’ll do my blog”, and every day, I don’t.  I have been busy plein air painting.  Up at ghastly early hours, out in the cold, some successes, some not.  Painting outside is such a different approach to painting.  You can’t study the painting, take time to decide on your next stroke, or take a break and start on the painting later.  When out in the fresh air you have to paint fast, make quick decisions about composition & color.  You have about two hours before the light changes.  It really is exciting at times to connect with nature.  I will have many of these new landscapes at the San Juan Island Studio Tour in June. More information on that coming in my next blog post.


Contemporary Traditionalism

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I’m excited to announce a new showing of my work!  My work is “traditional” subject matter with a “contemporary” twist, in bright, vibrant colors.
Figurative and animal alike quite often have a surprise background.  Come to the Artist’s Reception and let me tell you the story behind each piece.

Hosted by:  Lavendera Massage

Where:  285 Spring Street
Friday Harbor, WA

When: Artist’s reception: Friday, Feb. 8th, 2013
               Show runs Feb. 3rd – Feb. 28th, 2013

Time:  Artist’s reception: 7:00 – 8:30 PM
contact Lavendera Massage for further viewing times (360) 378-3637



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Cinda Sue's Workshop demonstration  Cinda Sue demonstrates painting on La Carte Paper in her studio during the Beginning Pastel Workshop.  The students are busy following directions and creating their own masterpieces.

Cinda Sue's Pastel Workshop students

Studio Tour 2012

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San Juan Island Artist's Studio TourSan Juan Island Tour visitors discuss one of my paintings in my garage studio,
where my exhibit is set up.

Garden ChairsMy granddaughter sits in line with the garden chairs leading from my garage studio, where my exhibit is, to my garden studio where my guest, Robin Atkins is set up. Robin with visitor in the garden studio.My granddaughter just finished checking out Robin’s beautiful beaded jewelry in the garden studio.Pastel exhibit in garage studio,We’re back at my exhibit, Pastels, pastel, and more pastels.

These are just a few of the photos taken during the San Juan Artist’s Studio Tour, June 2nd & 3rd, 2012.  We had between 250-300 visitors.  The flow between  the studios was fun to watch as people enjoyed the art, the gardens, and other visitors.  I can’t say how much I appreciate all the wonderful comments on my work and the interest expressed by those new to my work.   This is the second year Robin and I displayed together.  Her wonderful beaded jewelry and beaded art has been a great complement to my Pastel paintings.  We love working together and plan on making it a must visit for everyone on next year’s Studio Tour!