Pastel comes from the French word pastiche. Its origin can be traced back to the Sixteenth Century. From that point on pastels have played an important part in the art world. Freshness and immediacy are some of the appealing characteristics of pastel. I particularly enjoy working in the pastel medium because of its flexibility and forgiveness, as well as its durability and spectacular colors.

My work is realistic with a touch of impressionism. My special interests are figurative works and animals. Norman Rockwell was my first and most consistant inspiration. Mary Cassett, whose work in figurative pastels is well know for its historical influence in the impressionist movement, also inspires me.

I began my training in illustration at Butera School of Art in Boston, MA, in the late sixties, and later a correspondence course with the Famous Artist School. I undertook further study with Dorisjean Colvin at the Redmond School of Art, Redmond, WA, and with Gary Fagin in workshops at the Realist School of Art, Seattle, WA; completed Stuart Parks Forensic Training; and have participated in workshops with Barbara Newton, color pencil artist.

My professional work began in 1991 doing pencil portraits, moving into Pastels, a medium I fell in love with, in 1992.